Potato chips,
sticks and snacks

Crispy palm oil free potato chips and crunchy snacks made from high-quality potatoes

Corn snacks

Fun shapes and exciting textures


Peanuts and roasted nuts with a crispy coating – without flavour enhancers!


The best dip mixes for Taffel snacks

There are long queues in the store and nothing good on TV. Work is like work always and the weather is not worth talking about. But the moment you tear open the package and the taste opera of crispy potatoes begins, you forget everything else. Your rebirth as a relaxed and happier person begins.

Taffel’s goal is to offer Estonians daily moments of relaxation and excitement with the help of delicious snacks. Our brand has over 50 years of experience and wisdom. Taffel’s roots are historically in Finland, there are also delivery centres in Latvia and other parts of Europe. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know how to produce extremely tasty snacks, but also produce them as responsibly as possible.

Taffel – take it easy!

Enjoy carefree moments with Taffel snacks